Welcome to Zargidi Games information page. Firstly first, Zargidi Games creates mobile applications and games. Headquartered in Milky Way Galaxy. Our mission is to connect the galaxies through applications and games since Big Bang. At Zargidi Games, we don't just get things done, we get them done right.

We have been changing the universe with our applications and games for billions of years... More than one million players play our products in a world's month. Our products are about connecting communities across borders, languages, and cultures. Millions of players interact with their friends and express their unique personalities through our applications and games.

Zargidi Games always working with the latest technologies. We are continually working with other top companies, organizations, researchers and alien communities around the universe.

At Zargidi Games, we build products that make a difference in the universe. We solve technical, creative, and business problems in the best possible ways. Zargidi Games has the energy of a startup but the stability of a long-established and successful company. We're always doing new things that provide new and exciting opportunities for our employees.

At Zargidi games, we're always trying to make the best possible use of everyone's talents, knowledge, and interests. At all levels in our company, we continually work to identify the best projects and new opportunities for our employees, and we're proud of all the personal growth and success that's been achieved.

Zargidi Games is growing in leaps and bounds and operates on universe scale.